Picture Of Old Photography Film Roll

Picture Of Old Photography Film Roll

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History of Photographic Film

At the beginning of photography, images were made on plates (first metal then glass). In time, films made from synthetic materials became cheaper and easier to use and slowly replaced plates. Read more about history of photographic film.

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Timeline of Photography

Photography, as we use it today, is a sophisticated technology but its invention began in 5th century BC when people noticed that when light of the sun eclipse passes between the leaves of a tree, it makes an image of an eclipsed sun on the ground.

History of Digital Photography

First digital cameras appeared in 1970 and were heavy and unpractical. They improved in time and are now used by everybody, from amateurs on their mobile phones to professionals who make living using them. Read more about history and benefits of digital photography.

History of Camera Obscura

Camera obscura is an old device which was used for experiments in optics, astronomy and in art. Its effect became noticeable in 5th century BC. In time it became necessary part of photographic camera.