Different Types of Photography by Techniques

There are many different types of photography depending on the themes they deal with or techniques they use. Here are some of them:

  • Landscape photography presents nature with its landforms, weather, and ambient lights as well as urban areas but very often without human activity.
  • Portrait photography has a subject one or more persons and their expressions, personalities, and moods. It is one of the earliest types of photography.
  • Banquet photography is a method of photography that captures all persons in one room so each and every face is in focus. It is a type of photography captured as a commemorative photo in a hotel or club banquet room.
  • Tilt–shift photography is a type of landscape photography. It uses a lens that can rotate relative to the image plane (tilt) and move parallel to the image plane (shift). This makes an image with a selective focus and simulates a miniature scene.
  • Pellier Noir is a style of photography used at social events. It is used for portraits (solo and group) and its characteristics are low key light and white or black background.
  • Satellite imagery is photography taken from an artificial satellite. It is used in meteorology, geology, education, warfare, fishing, agriculture, and for and other purposes.
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  • Macro photography is photography of small objects. It uses macro lenses that are capable of reproduction ratios greater than 1:1 and make negatives or images where a subject is lefe-size or greater.
  • Forensic photography (or crime scene photography) is photography used in court or as an aid in an investigation. Its goal is accurate reproduction of a crime scene or an accident scene.
  • Architectural photography has as a subject buildings and similar structures. Its goal is to present them accurately but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fashion photography represents clothing and other fashion items on photographs. These photographs are used in advertisements and fashion magazines.
  • Aerial photography is photographing of the ground from an elevated position. They can be taken from the mountains, airplanes, balloons and other high places.
  • Still life photography presents inanimate objects composed, lighted and captured so that a resulted image is esthetically pleasing.
  • Food photography is a variant of still life photography whose subject is food. Its results are used in advertisements, packaging, menus and cookbooks. Effects used in this type of photography are often selective focus, tilted plates, and extreme close-ups.
  • Vernacular photography has everyday life and common things as subjects. It is often done by anonymous photographers and it became popular as photographic cameras became more available.
  • Documentary photography is photography used to chronicle significant and historical events. It can be professional and made by amateurs. It is often made with the idea to represent subject as realistic as possible.
  • Long-exposure photography is done with cameras that are set to leave shutter open for longer times. Images produced have sharp objects that are left stationary during that time, but blurred objects that moved.
  • High-speed photography is photography done with very fast cameras and of very fast phenomena. Images made with this photography appear to be frozen in motion and with no motion blur. They are used in scientific as well as artistic purposes.
  • Lo-fi photography (“lo-fi” coming from “low-fidelity”) is photography that gives impression of low quality but has its own esthetic. It is often done with toy or pinhole cameras.
  • Panoramic photography (or wide format photography) produces images that have elongated fields of view. They can be made with special equipment or software. They usually show a field of view from 160° to 360°.
  • Straight photography is a style of photography that represents its subjects as they are, realistically and without modifications.
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